Objectives, Targets, and Programs

4.3.3 Requirements

Documented environmental objectives and targets be established, implemented and maintained by the organization.  The objectives and targets: 

  • Should be established and implemented at the various functions and levels
  • within the organization (line operations through management);
  • Should be measurable where feasible;
  • Take into account the legal and other requirements, and significant
  • environmental aspects;
  • Should consider short-term and long-term issues;
  • Should be developed with consideration being given to:
    • Technological options;
    • Financial, operational, and business requirements; and
    • The views of interested parties such as stockholders, community groups, regulatory agencies, and environmental groups;
  • Should be consistent with the organization’s environmental policy, with specific consideration given to prevention of pollution and to continual improvement.

The organization is to establish, implement and maintain a program(s) to achieve the objectives and targets.  The environmental programs must: 

  • Identify who within the organization will be responsible and accountable for achieving the stated objectives and targets; and
  • Establish how and when the objectives and targets are to be achieved.

Objectives, Targets, & Programs Procedure

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