Control of Documents

4.4.5 Requirements

  • The ISO 14001 Standard 4.4.5 Control of Documents requires the organization to have procedures governing the control and management of documents specifically required by the ISO 14001 standard.
    •  The control of documents process must be designed to ensure that only correct and current documents are used for guiding and operating the EMS and that these documents are fully available “at points of use”.
    •  Further, the process of creating, modifying, updating and approving these documents must be formalized and controlled and you must prevent the unintended use of obsolete versions. 
  • The ISO 14001 Standard 4.4.5 also contains specific requirements relating to the presentation and format of the documents to be controlled. 
    • Documents must be legible, dated (with dates of revision), readily identifiable and maintained in an orderly manner. This includes identifying changes that are made.

Control of Documents Procedure
Control of Documents Master Matrix