How do I reclaim my animal from the custody of Animal Care & Control?

To reclaim an animal from our custody, you will be required to present your driver’s license or photo identification. You will also be required to produce records that show the animal has a current rabies vaccination and city license. 

If you do not currently have one or both, you will be required to get a rabies shot within 24 hours and purchase a city license from the City Treasurer’s Office. 

Summonses may be issued for non-compliance with City Code and you may be charged for allowing your animal to run at large. 

You will be required to pay the board fee of $12.00 per day for every day your animal was held at the pound. If your animal was seized for a violation of animal welfare code, the General District Court Judge will determine if the animal will be returned to your custody and/or if the issue that constituted the violation must be corrected to the satisfaction of the Animal Control Officer prior to the animal’s release or shortly thereafter. 

Seizure of an animal may also include additional summonses being served such as animal cruelty code violations. You will be responsible for repaying any veterinary costs incurred on behalf of the animal while in the care of Animal Care & Control.

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1. How do I reclaim my animal from the custody of Animal Care & Control?