Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division is commanded by Captain Dustin Sloan. Other responsibilities of The Administrative services team members include clerical support, records management, fiscal management, technology and computer services, policy and planning, recruitment and training, emergency communications, and special projects as directed by the Chief of Police. The Administrative Services Division consists of the following specialized units:

Administrative Support consists of specialized teams that address a wide spectrum of police services. The functions of these officers and civilians include, but are not limited to clerical support; budget and payroll, records and technology, emergency communications, police information help desk, accreditation and internal affairs

Recruitment and Training Unit prides itself on recruiting the best employees to make a difference in the Petersburg community. The R&T Unit is responsible for ensuring recruitment of a diverse, skilled, and proficient work force. The Recruitment and Training Unit manages the hiring process, to include applicant screening, testing, selection, and the background investigation, process. Training officers are also responsible for ensuring that all department personnel are adequately trained in accordance with local, state and federal mandates. Recruitment and retention of qualified, competent, and diverse personnel, is the unit's greatest priority.