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New Utility Service

When requesting new service, the following items are required:

1. A Lease Agreement is required if you are renting the property.
2. Documentation insuring ownership of property if deed has not been recorded. If deed has not been recorded a fully executed HUD-1 Statement, copy of deed shall be acceptable.
3. The Utility Billing Office can verify ownership by calling the Assessor's office if the deed has been recorded.
4. Picture Identification (e.g. Driver's License, DMV I.D., or Employee I.D.).
5. A $25.00 fee shall be assessed on first bi-monthly bill. This is a service fee for setting up the account and having a technician go on-site to read and/or turn water on.
6. If water cannot be turned on successfully during the first trip due to something running in the house there will be a $15.00 fee assessed for each trip after the first. Please make sure all faucets are in the off position if you cannot be at the location to avoid these charges.
7. Water bills are mailed on a bi-monthly basis.