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Personal Property

Our City levies a personal property tax on the following kinds of personal property: automobiles, trucks, motor homes, motorcycles, trailers, campers, farm machinery, boats, outboard motors, airplanes and business personal property. This tax is assessed by the Commissioner of the Revenue and paid to the Treasurer's Office. The due date for the tax is June 11th of each year.

Petersburg pro-rates personal property taxes therefore the tax is pro-rated to the period the property was located in the City unless taxed in another pro-rating Virginia Jurisdiction. When moving into or out of the City please contact the Commissioner of the Revenue at 733-2315 for possible tax adjustment. . Military: Military personnel are required to display an appropriate city window decal however, under the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act, non-Virginia resident military personnel are exempt from personal property taxes if the personal property is titled solely in the name of the service person. Personal property registered jointly with a non-military member is taxable in the jurisdiction where it is garaged. Personal Property Tax Return: This return must be filed yearly by residents of the City.

Failure to file by the due date will initiate a late filing penalty equal to ten percent of the taxes due, or $10.00, whichever is greater. Failure to receive a tax form does not relieve you of your responsibility to file a personal property tax return. Please notify the Commissioner of the Revenue, at 733-2315, if a filing form is not received by March 1st.