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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - formerly the Food Stamp Program

SNAP benefits will help you buy nutritious food for your household. You may also buy seeds or plants to grow your own food.

You may not use SNAP benefits to:
  • Buy alcoholic beverages, tobacco, soap, paper products, or other nonfood items;
  • Buy hot food ready to be eaten on the store premises.

SNAP benefits are issued electronically to eligible households. You will get a card that is similar to a credit or debit card to use at the authorized retailers to buy food. You must select a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and use that PIN when you swipe the card at the store. SNAP benefits will be added to your account at the beginning of every month you are approved for benefits. Please contact the Department of Social Services at 861-4720 on ways to apply for SNAP benefits.

To Apply for SNAP: Applications are accepted at our office during regular work hours Monday-Friday or you can request an application be mailed to you. You may also file an application electronically at https://www.vafood.org/vnan/. Your completed application can be returned by mail; by FAX at 861-0137, or in person. The date your signed application is received in the agency is the date from which your benefits will be calculated if you are found eligible. You do not have to be interviewed before filing an application; however, you must be interviewed before you can be certified to receive benefits. Applicants are interviewed by appointments only. You are encouraged to apply for SNAP even if you think you may not be eligible.

All applications are screened for expedited services. Your household may qualify for Expedited Services and receive SNAP benefits within 7 days if you are eligible and your gross monthly income is less than $150 and liquid resources are $100 or less; or your monthly shelter bills are higher than your household's gross monthly income plus your liquid resources; or your household is a migrant or seasonal farm worker household with little or no income and resources.

Additional information about SNAP benefits is available online from the Virginia Department of Social Services at www.dss.virginia.gov.