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Yard Sale License

License Tax $5.00
Any person who shall offer for sale any items of tangible personal property at sales, commonly known as yard sales, garage sales, or backyard sales, whereby such items are offered for sale on property classified as residential by the zoning ordinance, shall pay a specific license tax of $5.00 for the privilege of conducting such sale. No more than four licenses for one day each shall be issued in any 12 month period to the same person or for a sale on the same property. (Ord. No. 96-183a, 16.1-15, 12-6-1996)
Rummage Sale For Charity
Any person conducting a rummage sale shall pay a license tax of $2.40 for conducting such sale for a period not to exceed two consecutive days within a thirty day period.
Sale on Church Property A license shall not be required for sales held in any church or on church property for the sole benefit of such church.