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Real Estate Purchase from the City or Offer of Real Estate to the City

General Information:

The City acquires parcels of real estate from time to time for a variety of reasons. The City is not in the real estate business. Specific information about parcels owned by the City may be obtained either by viewing the Online Records and Online Tax Maps of the Assessors tab on the City web site www.petersburg-va.org or by visiting the Assessor's Office, City Hall, third floor, 135 North Union Street. The phone is 804-733-2333.

The ultimate authority for the City to acquire or dispose of real estate rests with City Council.

The sale of parcels at public auction to collect delinquent taxes is handled separately by attorneys retained by the Treasurer's Office. A listing of parcels referred to an attorney is the "Foreclosure List" on the Treasurer's tab on the City web site. The Treasurer's Office is on the first floor of City Hall. The phone is 804-733-2318.

Unsolicited Proposal for Purchase from the City of Petersburg:

An unsolicited proposal for the purchase of City-owned real estate should be submitted in writing to the Purchasing Agent, City Hall Annex, 103 West Tabb Street, Petersburg VA 23803. The proposal should include the name, address, phone number and other helpful contact information of the proposer, the parcel's legal street address and Tax Parcel Identification Number, the proposed use of the parcel, the purchase price offered, and a statement outlining the means of payment.

Proposals are forwarded to the City Manager, with copies to selected staff, for review. Should the proposal be considered advantageous to the City, authorization to negotiate a contract of sale will be sought from City Council. Any negotiated contract will be subject to final approval by Council following an advertised public hearing. The approved transaction proceeds to closing. The City will be responsible for preparing a Special Warranty Deed. The purchaser is responsible for payment of the purchase price, and all closing costs, including survey, title examination, title insurance, attorney's fees, and recording costs.

Offer of Real Estate to the City:

An offer of real estate to the City may be made in writing to the Purchasing Agent. The offer should include all contact information as well as the legal street address, Tax Parcel Identification Number, and the terms of the offer, being by sale, donation, or exchange. All taxes must be current.

Commercial Inquiries:

Further information for parcels considered commercial may be available by contacting the Office of Economic Development, 400 East Washington Street, Petersburg VA 23803. The phone is 804-733-2352.