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Certificate of Appropriateness

A Certificate of Appropriateness ( COA ) is required before any exterior work proceeds on a structure located in a local historic district.

An application should be submitted to the Secretary of the Architectural Review Board (ARB) at the Department of Planning & Community Development. The ARB meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month (except in December). Applications should be filed fourteen calendar days prior to the meeting in order to be reviewed by the staff and placed on the ARB’s next agenda.

Relevant information to support the request should be submitted with the application. Please see the Application Guidance on the second page of the application.

Applicants and ARB board members will receive a copy of the agenda approximately one week before each meeting. The agenda will also be posted on this website.

The applicant or their representative should be present at the ARB meeting in order to present their application and answer any questions the board might have.

If the application is approved, a COA will be issued within three business days after the meeting. If the application is denied, a letter outlining the board’s decision will be sent to the applicant within three business days.