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The Department of Public Works, Operations Division operates an extensive beautification program throughout the City. The emphases on this program is on the entranceway to the city and the Central Business District primarily, but encompasses areas throughout the City. Through litter collection and control, plantings of trees and shrubbery, and the planting of both annual and perennial flowering plants, we attempt to improve the appearance of the city.

In order for such a large endeavor to be effective and efficient, citizens participation is necessary. Therefore, we have established an Adopt-A-Spot program, where a citizen, business, or group of either can adopt a particular location within the city and perform their own beautification within guidelines established by the City. Additionally, an Adopt-A-Street program, where a citizen, business, or group of either can Adopt-A-Street or a portion of a street and perform litter control on a regular basis. For more information on either of these programs, download the attached appropriate form and send it in or call (804) 733-2415.