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Petersburg is governed by a seven-member City Council. The city has been divided into seven wards. Each ward represents a proportional number of residents. Members of City Council are elected from each ward by a majority of the people voting in an election. You must be a registered voter living in the ward to participate in an election for a city council member.

Elections for Petersburg's City Council are non partisan. There are no primaries and no political affiliation with elections to City Council.

Ward Election Years
Wards 1,3,5,7 Wards 2,4,6

City Council elections are held on even-numbered years on the first Tuesday in November. The term of office is four years. Ward elections are staggered. See the adjacent chart.

Exception: If a member of City Council resigns or is removed during his or her term of office, the members of City Council will appoint someone to serve the remainder of the departing member's term. An advertisement will be placed in the local paper for applicants interested in serving. These applicants may be interviewed by the members of City Council. If City Council is unable to select someone to fill the remaining term of office, the appointment will be made by the senior judge of the local Circuit Court.

The Mayor serves a two-year term and is selected from one of the seven members of City Council. After each city council election, the Mayor is selected by a majority vote of council members present at the July organizational meeting. The Vice Mayor is selected at the same meeting. During the absence of the Mayor, the Vice Mayor presides at council meetings. Should the Mayor resign, the Vice Mayor will become the Mayor until the next election. City Council will then select a new Vice Mayor who will serve until the next election.

State Constitutional Officers (Sheriff, Commonwealth's Attorney, Clerk of Court, City Treasurer and Commissioner of Revenue) are partisan political offices. Elections for State Constitutional Officers and State officers (e.g., Delegate, Senator and Governor) and national offices are held in November. All registered voters may vote in these elections.

The city's Registrar (733-2380) has information on registering to vote and running for political office.

School Board Members Each ward will be represented by one elected school board member. Wards 2, 4 and 6 elected their first school board members in July 2000. Wards 1, 3, 5 and 7 will elected their first school board members in May 2002. School Board elections coincide with City Council elections.