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Rental Inspections

Virginia State Law allows the inspection of all rental housing on a regular basis. In June 19, 2007, the implementation of the City of Petersburg Rental Housing Inspection Program began. Article IV. Rental Housing Inspection Sec. 22-116 (of Municipal Code) was adopted as a means of providing and conserving the housing for the residents of our city. The rental housing code enforcement process really begins with your commitment to provide adequate, safe, and sanitary living conditions. It takes the joint effort of investors/owners, tenants, and the City to achieve a viable property maintenance program. It is important to the City, that as a property owner or tenant, you are familiar with health and safety conditions that not only affect an individual's living environment, but the quality of life in our city. There are many ways the Rental Housing Inspection Program positively impacts the community. By enforcing compliance on a property an owner must invest money to maintain or repair the property. Those units that are not maintained will be taken out of the market resulting in fairer competition. Owners will not be able to operate substandard rental property. Another benefit is the attraction of renters to Petersburg. The inspection program adds a degree of desirability to residential rental properties in Petersburg versus cities that do not have an inspection program. Those with a choice may have a degree of confidence and trust in the quality of the rental market here that would lead them to rent in Petersburg.