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Below is a list of items that the Code Compliance Department notes as they ride through the neighborhood of Petersburg. If left unattended these items may lead to further action by the department.
Exterior Property Deficiencies
Inoperable Vehicle &/Or Expired Tags/Sticker
Accumulation Of Refuse / Trash
Grass / Weeds In Excess Of 12 Inches Tall
Vegetation Obstructing Right - Of - Way
Vegetation / Overgrowth In Sidewalk
Fallen Trees Or Limbs Not Removed
Gates / Fences In Disrepair
Vacant Structure Not Properly Maintained
Improper Grading And Drainage
Sidewalks And Driveways Not Maintained
Potential Areas For Rodent Harborage
Improperly Installed Exhaust Vents
Swimming Pools Not Maintained
Failure To Remove Snow / Ice From Sidewalk

Exterior Structure Deficiencies
Accessory Structure (Garage / Shed)
Protective Treatment / Peeling Paint
Address (House/Business Numbers)
Exterior Structural Members Not Maintained
Foundation In Disrepair
Exterior Walls In Disrepair
Roofs Not Maintained / Disrepair
Gutters / Downspouts Not Maintained / Disrepair
Decorative Features In Disrepair
Overhang Extensions In Disrepair
Stair, Deck, Or Porch Structurally Deficient
Chimney And / Or Towers Needs Attention
Hand And Guardrail Are Deficient
Window And / Or Door Frames Not Maintained
Cracked / Broken Windows
Insect Screens Need Repair Or Replacement
Exterior Doors and Hardware Not Maintained
Basement Hatchway Cover In Disrepair