Real Estate Development

The Office of Economic Development is responsible for managing real estate services for the City of Petersburg. This Office maintains a list of vacant City-owned properties available for purchase. The process begins with the City Council declaring property surplus and authorizing the City Manager to begin the process of selling the property.                                                                                                            List of Residential Properties for Sale

View Full List of Available Properties HERE

If you're interested in purchasing a property listed for sale, please complete the Purchaser section on the form linked below:


Once completed, return the form by:

- Email to


- Personal delivery or postal mail to:

City of Petersburg

Office of Economic Development

135 North Union Street

Petersburg, VA 23803 

Interested parties may also submit a written proposal by email, personal delivery or postal mail that includes the following information:

•    Project Name

•    Property Address

•    Parcel Number

•    Parcel Acreage

•    Building Square Footage

•    Year Building Constructed

•    Project Developer

•    Contact Name, Address, Phone, and Email

•    Experience/Qualifications

•    Development Description

•    Offered Purchase Price

•    Total Investment

•    Description of Financing (% Equity, % Debt, % Tax Credits, etc.)

•    Description of Community Benefits from the Development

•    Due Diligence Period (months)

•    Construction Start Date

•    Completion Date

•    Number of Projected Jobs

o    Temp/Const. Jobs

o    Permanent Jobs

o    Average Wage

•    Contingencies

For additional information or assistance, please contact the Office of Economic Development at 

- 135 North Union Street, Petersburg, VA 23803

- (804) 733-2352